2024 Battle of the Sexes

On Wednesday, June 5, the Ocean Ridge Mens and Ladies Golf Leagues held their annual "Battle of the Sexes" golf tournament on Lion's Paw. In this annual fun event the leagues play against each other in a better net of partner match play format. This tournament which began back in 2012 has seen the ladies win 6 times and the men 5 times each with one rain out and one tie. This year the ladies rocked the men 14 to 2.

2024 Battle of the Sexes
Players: Diane Wright, Debbie Lebkicher, Laura Wheaton, Robyn Barone,
Priscilla Chambers, Linda Johnston, Sheree Seben, Juli Miller, Sandy Hayes, Betty Coffini, Elaine Benedict, Roxie Gaeng, Sharon Benson, Laura McCadden, Deb MacFarlane, Sharon Giblin, Sonja Farr, Ann Turner, Karen Hughes,
Anita Andersch, Colleen Plebanek, Kris Heurich, Sue Rephann-Smith,
Maureen Craik, Stephanie Cappiello, Carys Price, Rosie Savoia, Barb Argone, Donna Shank, Kathy Ferrari, Jane Arnold, and Myong Jensen

2023 Battle of the Sexes

Thank You to our event coordinators: Diane Wright and Jane Arnold