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ORLGA Members - New in 2021

“My husband, Doug, and I moved to Ocean Ridge last year from the Baltimore-Washington Metro area, after vacationing in the area for many years. I am a retired pharmacist who enjoys reading and bicycle riding as well as yoga. I am looking forward to spending time on the golf course working on my game and enjoying the Coastal Carolina landscape.”

“My husband Greg and I are part-time residents of Ocean Ridge. Our primary home is in Winston Salem, NC so we are able to enjoy the sun and golf in the Sunset Beach area frequently. I began playing golf in July 2020 following retirement as a common sport my husband and I could enjoy together during Covid. We enjoy travel, biking, spending time with our six grand-children, four children and their spouses, and our French Bulldog Maggie. In order to improve my game, I can be found on a range or course somewhere most days. I look forward to meeting the ladies of the OR Golf League and I am receptive to all the golf tips anyone chooses to offer."

“My husband and I moved into our new home back in Feb 2020 right when everything began to be locked down due to COVID. Now it is time to emerge from our “cocoons” and “spread our wings”. My first step in this process was joining the Ladies Golf League … Yahoo! I am a beginner golfer … but hang in there with me cuz I am determined to improve. To that end -> please share any and all tips and suggestions to aid in my goal to bring my handicap down to within “bragging rights” level :o)”

ORLGA Members - New in 2020


“I moved to Ocean Ridge from the Greensboro area of North Carolina in October of 2019 when my house was completed. My family had visited the OIB and Sunset areas for many years and I grew to love the combination of beauty and peace. I look forward to starting over as a beginner golfer after not playing for a very long time. I also enjoy playing tennis and look forward to new activities. My children and grand children( ages 1 and 7) reside in Greensboro/High Point and Durham. I hope to meet you all on the golf course as I progress!”

“Hi everyone. My name is Sonnie Burcak. I am new to Ocean Ridge and to golfing as well. I moved here this past July 2019 from Virginia where I retired from Loudoun County Schools after working as an assistant in a Special Needs Preschool classroom. My husband and I are enjoying the community and all that it has to offer us. Although I am new to the game of golf, my children and husband are more serious and are helping me learn the game. I look forward to meeting you ladies and spending time on the golf course with each of you."

“My husband Roland and I moved to our new home in Ocean Ridge in July 2019. I spent my life in the Maryland/DC area and have played golf on and off for many years but not enough to really learn the game and improve my playing ability. After 30 years of working for a retirement planning company, I'm now ready to focus on my own retirement - traveling, golf, and gardening. I am excited to play golf with the league and learn the game from the ladies of ORLGA.”

“My Mom and I moved to Ocean Ridge in 2016 from Connecticut. We always loved the area, having vacationed here for over 25 years. We both enjoy the sun, beach and community. I have expanded my hobbies to include Golf and I truly enjoy the sport but more so the ladies of ORLGA. This is a wonderful group of women and golf is a perfect way to spend the day.”

ORLGA Members - New in 2019

“My husband Jack and I lived for 25 years in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY. Several years ago, I convinced Jack to travel with me to Sunset Beach. We both fell in love with the area on that trip and purchased a condo at Sea Trail Plantation. We found ourselves staying longer and longer so it was only natural that we move here permanently. We sold our Brooklyn home moved into our Ocean Ridge home in September. And we haven’t looked back. I love to golf and am excited to meet many new friends and neighbors as a member of ORLGA."

"My husband Brian and I moved into Ocean Ridge in May 2019. Currently we are part time as we still live in Frederick, Maryland. We have 6 children and 9 grandchildren (so far!). We’re excited to play golf here as well as enjoying pickleball, biking, paddle boarding, and other activities."

“My husband Kirk and I completed our home in June 2019. We are part time here as we still have a home in Pittsburgh, PA. I enjoy golfing, biking, pickleball, walking on the beach and anything to keep me active. For my down time activities, I enjoy creating on my sewing or embroidery machine. We have three sons living in the Pittsburgh area. I look forward to getting involved and meeting people."

“My husband Tom and I were high school sweethearts and life-long New Jersey residents. We started vacationing in Sunset Beach 11 years ago for beach and golf and would always play the Cats at least once during our trips. When we were deciding where to retire, we had no problem selecting Ocean Ridge. We purchased a lot in 2016 and built our home and moved in the end of 2018. I look forward to meeting people while playing a game that frequently frustrates me, but one I really enjoy!"

“Originally from Massachusetts, Lissa and husband Dave relocated to ORP after living the past 20 years in northern VA. "Besides golf, I enjoy spending time at the beach, gardening, painting and volunteering at the New Hope Clinic. I look forward to meeting and getting to spend time with other women and hopefully improving my game."

I was born in High Point, NC but my father's work took us to Louisville, KY when I was in elementary school. My husband Bob and I were high school sweethearts and recently celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2018. We have always loved the coast and vacationed many years in Myrtle Beach as our 2 children grew up. We retired in 2010, then moved to Ocean Ridge in 2012. I’d never played golf before moving here, but after taking some lessons and purchasing clubs, I wanted to give it a try. I don’t know that I’ll ever be a good golfer, but do enjoy the challenge of the game. I look forward to joining such an impressive group of ladies in this league. I’m a member of the Ocean Ridge Carolina Girls group, a member of Social Activities, an avid Mah Jongg player, a contributor writer for the Changing Tides and currently the Chairperson for the Welcome Committee.

“I was actually born in Fayetteville, NC but my elementary school years were in Plantation, FL. I met my husband in Pittsburgh, PA during college. While he is a born and bred Pittsburgher, he fell in love with the south when he attended the University of South Carolina. Professionally, I worked for Westinghouse as an engineer and then La Roche College as a computer science professor. After way too many Pittsburgh winters and bringing up two children, we were more than ready for a change.
As we spent numerous summers in the Myrtle Beach area,so it seemed logical to look around coastal NC for a retirement home and instantly fell in love with Ocean Ridge. We moved in 3 weeks ago and are busy trying everything…. So far, I have joined LitWits, Pickleball, knit & crochet club, Carolina Girls, Keystone Kuties and Mahjong. I plan on taking golf lessons and joining you ladies on the course very soon!."

“My husband Joe and I are both native New Yorkers. We relocated to NJ for twenty years before retiring to ORP four years ago. I have always enjoyed being outdoors, so golf and pickleball are the perfect retirement plan for me! With the friendly encouragement of the ORLGA ladies, I'm looking forward to meeting new people and improving my game."

ORLGA Members - New in 2018

"My husband, Tim, and I moved to the area in January 2017 from Arlington, Virginia. We just moved into our new house in ORP in January 2018. We were introduced to the area in September 2011 and have been planning how to get down here ever since. I started playing golf in 2003, playing regularly as a member of the Army Navy Country Club. I am looking forward to making new friends here and becoming an active part of the community."

“My husband Joe and I retired and moved to Ocean Ridge from Los Angeles in December of 2014. Both of us are fairly new to golf. We actually learned together while living in California. Joining the league is a big step for both of us, as we are novice golfers. We look forward to meeting more wonderful Ocean Ridge homeowners, and of course, improving our golf games.”

“My husband and I were lifelong residents of Fairfield County, Connecticut before retiring here, in Ocean Ridge. We first visited Ocean Ridge in 2005 for a discovery weekend package. During that visit, we had a very interesting experience on Tigers Eye. On the fourth hole, while hitting out of the pine straw, my ball hit the edge of the cart path and hit me square in the eye. After 14 stitches and a concussion, needless to say, we never made it to the fifth hole. Since then, we visited every golf community on the southeast coast and came back to Ocean Ridge for one more visit in 2015. We fell in love instantly and bought property and built our home. The best decision we ever made!!”

“Michele has been a resident of Ocean Ridge for 3 1/2 years. She loves to sing and has been a member of the Ocean Ridge Singers since September 2014. Michele also participated in the First Tee program while in high school, where she discovered her love for golf. She is currently attending college with the hope of becoming a dental hygienist. ”

"My husband, John, and I are both originally from Allentown, PA but have lived most of our married life outside the USA, most recently spending 12 years in Hong Kong, China and Jakarta, Indonesia. We have two grown children and we just welcomed our first grandbaby. We’ve been planning our ORP house since 2013 and hope to be moving in next Summer. In the interim, we are renting on Dartmoor Way and enjoying getting to know our neighbors, the golf courses, and all that ORP has to offer. I look forward to meeting the ladies of ORLGA and sharing our mutual love of the game."

"My husband, Bill, and I are both originally from the Boston area. We spent the last 29 years in Delaware where we raised our 2 children. I was fortunate to be a “stay at home” mom volunteering and working at the schools. When the kids were in college we started talking about where we wanted to retire. We found O.R. through our friends the Faulkner’s and the LaClair’s. We bought property, and then decided why wait till retirement, let’s build now! Besides golf I enjoy playing tennis, knitting, reading, yoga and going to the beach. I hope to get more involved with other activities like kayaking, stand up paddle, and pickleball. I have enjoyed playing with some of the ladies in casual groups and I look forward to playing in ORLGA and continuing to meet new people. I find golf to be a great social game, with a little friendly competition added."

"My husband, Dave and I moved here from Illinois in January. My introduction to golf was on a dare! My husband was frustrated about his game. I said, “how hard can it be to hit a little white ball.” Well, I took some lessons and found out it really is tough. I am hoping to spend more time playing so I can improve my game."

"My husband Jay and I moved to Ocean Ridge in 2013. We moved from Chicago after 30 years to escape winters and be near the ocean. Then I discovered GOLF! I really love the sport and am excited to be a member of the league—looking forward to golfing with my neighbors and improving my game hopefully. My other interests are canasta, Mexican Train and traveling with my hubby."

ORLGA Members - New in 2017

"Originally from Solihull, Warwickshire in the U.K., I relocated to West Chester, PA in 1984, to continue my studies and field hockey coaching. I worked for 25 years in the healthcare field as a physical therapist and in safe patient handling in PA and DE. I moved permanently to OR in September 2016 and hope to continue enjoying outdoor activities including gardening, golf and animal rescue. The ladies I've met in the Friday casual league have already made me feel very welcome and I look forward to meeting everyone in ORLGA and enjoying many pleasant hours on the golf course with you."

"I am originally from West Chester, PA, where I spent 35 years teaching high school physical education and coaching various sports. Many of my summers were spent playing golf. As one might guess, I quickly became addicted to the game. After owning a house in Ocean Ridge since 2006, I finally moved here permanently in September 2016. I then began playing with some wonderful women in the Friday Ladies Casual Golf group. I knew that joining ORLGA would be a great next step. I look forward to playing lots of golf and meeting more wonderful new friends."

"I am originally from southern Connecticut. After vacationing in the Myrtle Beach area for years, my husband Matt and I always knew we would end up in this area. We purchased our lot in Ocean Ridge in 2004 but did not build on it for 10 years. Finally...after 30 plus years with GE, working in IT and Human Resources, I retired in October of 2015, just as our house was being completed. We moved in January of 2016, leaving the snow, ice and cold behind. In addition to golf, I am enjoying yoga classes, walking the beach and volunteering at the Brunswick Family Assistance food pantry. Looking forward to new adventures with ORLGA."

"Andy and I moved to Ocean Ridge from Chester, New York in August 2015. As native Tennesseans, we always knew we would return to the South in our Golden Years! The beach, golf, new friends and Happy Hours have exceeded our expectations. I look forward to improving my game and meeting more new friends as a member of ORLGA."


ORLGA Members - New in 2016

"My husband David and I wanted a “golf-beach” retirement. We visited ORP, bought our property, and have not looked back since! I retired from building and managing Financial Trading and Portfolio Management systems. My wonderful father-in-law Ben (94 years old) moved in with us (and he has ensured we have a steady supply of fresh baked goodies). We look forward to getting to know the great folks of ORP and enjoying all that the area has to offer. I’m really excited to have joined the ORLGA to start building strong friendships and fun memories!"

"We have recently moved here from the Philadelphia suburbs. Though a relatively new golfer, I have definitely caught the fever. After playing tennis for many years, my knee has failed me, so to be able to play another sport has been exciting. We love all the wonderful people we have met thus far in OR and are looking forward to our future here….. and improving our golf games!."

"My husband Tom and I purchased our property in Summerhill Glen 5 years ago. Our home will be completed shortly. Those 5 years allowed me to finish my career as an intensive care nurse. Retiring , moving from our home in York PA and leaving many good friends behind was very hard but we look forward to making new friends here in Ocean Ridge. I especially look forward to joining ORLGA."

"My husband, Michael, and I moved into our home on the 18th tee of Leopards in 2014. Both of us are originally from Cincinnati, OH. Michael was a civilian with the US Air Force and his work led us to Northern Virginia in 1982. We have two children, both now following in their Father's footsteps as Government Employees. I am a Registered Nurse. In 1987 I founded a company that provided nursing staff to area hospitals and counselors to families involved in the abuse and neglect court in Washington, DC. My evenings and weekends were dedicated to animal rescue. I just passed the 350 mark of adopted cats and kittens. My first love in the sporting world was bowling. I have bowled two 300 games, both at the tournament level. I am a certified bowling coach and current President of the OR Bowling League. I am new to the game of golf, but drag my husband to the golf course every chance I get. If I'm not golfing or bowling, you can find me caring for our cats and birds, fostering rescue animals, reading, or doing genealogy research."

"I'm a retired high school science teacher from Westchester County, NY. While living there, I belonged to a ladies golf league which played every Wednesday. That's when I learned league play was both competitive and enjoyable. I moved from New York to Hilton Head, and then to Ocean Ridge. Since I haven't played consistent golf for the last two years, I decided it was time to get back into the game I truly enjoy. Looking forward to making new friends, having fun, and of course competitive golf again. I'm always working on my game."

"My husband, Mike and I lived in Sugar Loaf, NY for 23 years where we raised our two children, Stephanie and Michael. Stephanie is a Construction Engineer, living in Nashville, TN with her husband, Bryan. Michael is an Assistant Golf Pro in Charlotte, NC. We were members at the Warwick Valley Country Club in New York where my love of the game emerged. I enjoy competitive golf and am proud to say I won the President's Cup in 2011 and 2013. Mike retired from the IT Dept at UPS in Paramus, NJ, on Christmas Eve 2015. We are now full time residents of Ocean Ridge and love every minute of it. We both enjoy playing golf and look forward to league play and making new friendships. My past times include reading, crocheting and needlepoint. Kayaking, fishing and pickleball may be in our future. We love our family time and look forward to having them visit us here in Ocean Ridge!!"

"This past November, I sold my house in Flushing, NY, where I resided for over 50 years, and relocated to be with my daughter, Robin Covelli, and her family. I have been enjoying golf and MahJong and will be taking advantage of the many activities OR has to offer, including artistic endeavors. Looking forward to the day I can remember everyone's name"

" I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I was a first grade teacher and retired on January 1, 2015. My husband Joe and I built our home in 2011 and were part timers till I retired. We have three great children and six fabulous grandchildren! I am fortunate to have two brothers living in Ocean Ridge and Mary Faulkner is my sister-in-law. I am not a great golfer but willing to learn and excited about meeting and playing with the ladies in ORLGA."

ORLGA Members - New in 2015

"I moved to Ocean Ridge in November 2014 from Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, Virginia. I am looking forward to playing golf with ORLGA, Interclub and the Sunday Couples with my husband, Ed Sharp. We had our home built in 2010 and have so enjoyed already knowing some of my neighbors from Virginia whom I have previously worked with or met through work professionally. My husband is finally joining me in retirement and we have decided to make Ocean Ridge our permanent home. Ocean Ridge has already been so welcoming. I hope to continue getting to know more ladies who enjoy the game of golf as much as I do."

"Bill and I moved to Ocean Ridge in 2012. We have lived in Northeastern Ohio, California and 25 years in Maryland. I've worked 40 years as an RN in various Recovery Rooms. My hobbies are reading, walking and being an enthusiastic grandmother to our three grandsons. In joining ORLGA, I hope to add golf to that hobby list."

"I'm originally from North Kingstown, RI and graduated from URI with a BA in Elementary Education with Art Concentration. I worked with my husband, Steve, in his general contracting business building luxury homes and land development. I retired in 2005 and we have lived in Sea Trail for 10 yrs and recently moved to Ocean Ridge in Nov. Our daughter and her husband and our two grandchildren live in Summerville, SC. I enjoy golfing, painting, pottery and walking our Norwich Terrier, Sophie around the plantation. I look forward to getting involved in activities in OR and meeting the ORLGA ladies."

"Mike and I moved to OR finally in August of 2014. We've lived all over the country "via" the Army, but our last 20 years were in Northern Va. I was a Labor & Delivery nurse for 20+ years and then changed careers and joined the technology community about 15 years ago. I took up golf after our daughters went off to college and have really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to getting to spend even more time with all my new friends and getting even more involved in all the OR activities.”


"My husband Jack and I recently relocated here from the Richmond, Virginia area where we resided for the past 18 years. Prior to that, we called Westfield, New Jersey our home for 20 years. We were both born in the Highbridge section of the Bronx so we are now thrilled to call Ocean Ridge our “Forever home”. I enjoy golf, the beach and the pool as well as all the wonderful social activities and amenities this community has to offer. The friends we have made and the welcome we have received has been the best part of our new adventure. I am still working part-time as a speech-language pathologist for Speech Solutions Inc. in Shallote but hope to play with the league as much as possible."

“I moved to Ocean Ridge with my husband, Dennis and two children, Michele and Jonathan, in December 2014. We lived in Queens and Long Island, NY, all our lives and are thrilled to now be living in this beautiful community. We've enjoyed making new friends and participating in the many activities such as Bocce, Happy Hour, Zumba, Pilates, and of course Sunday Couples Golf. I started playing with the ladies casual golf groups several months ago and am really looking forward to playing with the league and hopefully improve my game."

“My husband Chuck and I were born and raised in NJ. We would vacation in Myrtle Beach all the time with our kids and knew this was the area we would like to retire to eventually. We purchased our lot in 2011 and would work up plans for our dream house. We were able to build our home sooner than expected. After working as a legal assistant for over 30 years and Chuck working for the railroad as a civil engineer (NJ Transit and Amtrak) for approx 35 years we knew it was time to move down here. We have lived here for almost year and are enjoying our retirement. No more rush hours and sitting in North Jersey traffic. Looking forward to playing with the Ladies in the League and improving my golf game."

“My husband Dave and I moved to Ocean Ridge in September 2014. We are both from Ohio and graduates of The Ohio State University. We are huge Buckeye fans and enjoy returning to Columbus, Ohio to attend games and visit friends. I am retired from a wonderful career in education where I served as a teacher, principal, human resource director, Ohio Department of Education administrator, and Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators member services director. I still work part time as an adjunct professor for Concordia University Chicago in the area of school leadership. I look forward to improving my golf skills and enjoying fun and fellowship with other golfers."


ORLGA Members - New in 2014

"As a part time resident of Ocean Ridge, I have come to appreciate the welcoming environment and friendships made over the past few years since we built our home in 2010. I look forward to meeting the challenge of improving my game. My husband, Virgil, always said that one day I would break 90. I hope to prove him right! Thanks for the warm welcome to ORLGA. I look forward to some great golf adventures, along with much joy and laughter on and off the course!"

"My husband John (Rusty) and I moved from Greensboro into our new home this past January. We have also lived in Pittsburgh and Milwaukee. We love the area and the welcome we have received. I have not played much golf for several years - so now comes the challenge of improving my game. I am looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying this great game!"

"My husband, Richie, and I are from New Jersey and have lived here since January 2012. Like many other people, we moved to Ocean Ridge because of the warmer weather, the golf and the nearby beach. I am a relatively new golfer and have just started keeping a handicap this year. Even though I find golf very challenging, I keep at it because I enjoy the outdoors and the social aspect of the sport."

"I’m a native Marylander. I have been in Sedgefield on and off for five years and so happy to finally be here full time. Love the community, the courses and the beach! My husband and I are looking forward to meeting more of the wonderful people and making friends. John and I are both 'golfaholics', but enjoy other pursuits as well. We will be building soon, but will try to save time to enjoy some of the many activities here."


ORLGA Members - New in 2013





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